Belva Homes Developing Exclusive Apartments in Parklands

Published on June 24, 2021 | Construction Kenya Showcase

Parklands is considered one of the middle to high income residential areas of Nairobi. The area is clean, moderately leafy and well served by a good road network. Major shopping malls, quality schools and hospitals can be found within the suburb and in the immediate neighbourhood. It is therefore not surprising that quite often, residential units in this suburb are in high demand both for rental or home ownership.

Belva Homes, a mixed developer based in Nairobi, is putting up contemporary apartments on 6th Avenue to, according to the developer, serve as a sanctuary of comfort and convenience to occupants.

Known as 3408 Belva, the project’s design has striking features that allude to the beauty of the neighbouring Karura Forest, hence creating a serene atmosphere that distresses the mind and rejuvenates the body and soul. Through the incorporation of smart designs and natural components, Belva Homes aim to meet their client’s objective of reducing the impact of human activity on the environment.

The apartments are designed by Symbion, a well-known architectural powerhouse with multiple projects across Kenya and beyond. According to Belva Homes, the architectural solution to the brief had to create a relaxing ambience within a dense, urban environment, whilst future proofing the building against future densification – especially on the western boundary – with developers building beacon to beacon.

“It was also important that the layout allows all units to get natural light and ventilation (including the bathrooms) as the neighbourhood densifies”, say Belva Homes.

The project consists of 68 units housed on 16 floors. There are 15 five-bedroom simplex apartments, 45 three-bedroom apartments and 8 duplex five bedroom apartments.

Striking features of 3408 Belva

Rhythmic vertical façade – Varying from abstract, interlocking chains that descend from the penthouse levels or run across a floor to a neat, uniform pattern ascending from the mezzanine, the cantilevered balconies vivify the elevation of 3408 Belva by providing a visual rhythm. The careful inflections that adorn the building’s composition are designed to simulate the coordinated irregularity and ruggedness of Karura Forest’s canopy.

A vertical garden – The forest narrative is enhanced through the installation of live plants on the edifice’s walls. As Nairobi becomes more densely populated and the demand for apartment living increases, less people have access to green spaces in their homes to relax and rejuvenate the mind. Belva Homes’ solution to this is the development of a vertical garden, which emulates the panoramic Karura Forest that is near the complex. Ferns, golden pothos and English ivies make up the vertical garden and help to remove toxins in the air. The biophilic design features will make the spaces visually appealing and creatively stimulating and will enhance the air quality by eradicating harmful VOCs, reduce the urban heat island (UHI) effect and carbon footprint, and save energy and money by providing thermal insulation and protection of the building from the elements.

Cascading waterfall – This water feature gently trickles from the top deck to the ground floor to create a relaxing ambience and promote thoughtfulness, comfort, and sleep away from the noise and pollution of the city.

Solar panel walls – Photovoltaic cladding panels not only tap clean renewable energy, saving costs, but are also architecturally functional, adding pattern to the elevation as well as providing a variation in texture and colour. Furthermore, they act as a pergola for the penthouse levels defining the terraces spaces.

Belva Homes intended their development to be sustainable and therefore took deliberate steps to achieve green living conditions for the 3408 Belva residents. These include:

LED light fixtures: These save energy and are longer lasting than fluorescent fixtures, being more cost-effective in the long run.

Daylighting: To minimize the need for artificial lighting, windows of varying sizes have been placed to allow for adequate natural lighting whilst shading strategies prevent solar gain. To make the rooms brighter, light wall and ceiling colours have been used.

Climate Control: Most of the building’s openings and main spaces look towards the North and East, with few of them facing the West to minimize solar gain from the harsh afternoon sun. Natural ventilation will be maximized. The building will rely on cross ventilation for passive heating and cooling, for reducing the build-up of moisture and odours within closed spaces, and for promoting good air quality.

Solar heating: There will be active solar thermal systems that allow the supplying of sanitary hot water, and heat the swimming pool, which aid in lowering 3408 Belva’s carbon footprint.

Rainwater harvesting: Rainwater will be collected and partially used to maintain the plants on the vertical garden. The rest of the harvested water will be stored for events when a backup supply of water is needed for non-drinking purposes. Adopting this system reduces environmental damage to groundwater and supplements the County’s water supply. Water-efficient sanitary fittings will be installed.

Grey water is recycled for gardening and cleaning.

Using recyclable alternatives: In addition to its longevity and energy efficiency, LED tubes and light bulbs largely consist of plastic lenses that can be disassembled and recycled – the same case for the LED tube’s aluminium backbone. Furthermore, the LED light bulbs and tubes are made from non-hazardous materials that are free of lead, mercury, or other toxic substances, hence ensuring safety for everyone if they break.

The building structure: The superstructure of the building is a concrete frame with masonry infill. The masonry blocks can be easily recycled if the building is eventually demolished.

Interior Finishing

Flooring: Full body porcelain tiles to entrance, wet areas, terraces and yard with matching skirting,

Engineered wood to living areas and bedrooms with matching skirting.

Walls: Full body porcelain tiles to sections of wet areas, Glass railing to terraces with stainless steel balustrade and fittings.

Ceiling: Painted soffit, Suspended gypsum plasterboard to select areas

Kitchen Fittings: Post-formed MDF with scratch-proof laminate with union or equivalent accessories, Granite worktop, stainless steel sink with chrome plated Cobra mixers, Ariston kitchen extractor hood.

Bathroom fittings : Jaquar/Grohe sanitary ware, including wall-hung WC with concealed cistern, bathtub and countertop wash hand basin with granite/quartz vanity tops, Chrome-plated Jaquar/Grohe or equivalent faucets, mixers, overhead and telephone showers, including rain shower to master bathrooms, Eurobath soap dish, toothbrush holder, coat hook and towel rail, 10mm toughened glass shower screen to shower, with linear drain.

Electrical fittings: Recessed LED lights, ceiling mounted and wall mounted decorative light fixtures with Panasonic switches.


  • 4 high speed elevators
  • Full power backup generator
  • Double exit and entry points
  • Security intercom & CCTV cameras
  • Lighting control system
  • Complete firefighting and alarm system in the basement
  • Booster pump for pressurized water for all bathrooms
  • Free Belva valet trash

Other features of 3408 Belva include:

  • Grand reception & 24hr concierge
  • Garden Courtyard
  • Espresso Bar & Lounge
  • Salon & Wellness Centre
  • Solar heated swimming pool
  • Games Room
  • Boardroom
  • Indoor play are & Day care centre
  • Belva Sporting activities i.e. jogging track, bike storage unit, lap pool

Accessing 3408 Belva

– The development has 2 access points, 5th avenue parklands and 6th avenue Parklands. The residents of 3408 Belva can be assured of convenience not only within but outside their home due to the complex’s proximity to restaurants, malls, schools, and petrol stations, as well as the Aga Khan University.

The project broke ground on 5th December 2020 and is scheduled for completion in December 2023.

Pricing and buyer options

As of May 2021, the prices were as follows:

Block A

Unit 1 – 5 bed 3700 sqft – 33M

Unit 2 – 3 bed 2510 sqft – 24M

Block B

Unit 3 – 3 bed 2700 sqft – 23M

Unit 4 – 3 bed 2800 sqft – 26M

Unit 5 – 5 bed duplex 3200 sqft – 32.5M


Developer: Belva Homes

Architect: Symbion

Project Manager / Selling Agent: Zada Consult

Quantity Surveyor: Finite Project Consultant Limited

Civil / Structural Engineer: Maruti Consultants

Mechanical Engineer/ Electrical Engineer: Infraplus Consultants Ltd

Main Contractor: Westline Construction

Solar Power Contractor: Krystal Solutions

Elevator Subcontractor: VOLKS Elevator

Lawyers: Abib & Associates