Belva Homes’ Eco-Friendly Project Raises Luxury Standards

Published on October, 2021 | The Luxury Reporter

The development of 3408 Belva began in December 2020, a green project by Belva Homes, with a clear vision to incorporate luxury city living whilst maintaining an eco-friendly philosophy. The team identified a need in the real estate market to incorporate busy city life living in conjunction with breathtaking surroundings of nature and a peaceful ambience. 3408 Belva saves on energy whilst running at an optimal level, providing clients value for their money. 

From both an interior and exterior design point of view, Belva Homes provides luxury living at its finest, whilst incorporating the beauty of the project’s natural surroundings. Its mission is to provide its clients with high-quality and immersive designs as well as to preserve the beauty of the city around it.

By ensuring that their projects meet the requirements of their clients, Belva Homes’ project 3408 Belva adheres to each client’s needs. The luxury apartments boast unique and different apartment suites, each with a beautiful view of the natural aesthetics. Occupants have an option to choose between five-bedroom simplex, five-bedroom duplex and three-bedroom units.

The building is designed to be eco-friendly and ecologically receptive which allows for the main spaces of the building to face north and east with minimized openings to face west to reduce solar gain whilst allowing natural light through to the suites. This is achieved by large, glazed windows on each balcony. Furthermore, clean energy is provided on the building’s exterior as photovoltaic cladding panels act as a pavilion for the penthouse levels.

This made it a clear winner of Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of Best Luxury High Rise Living in Kenya for their project ‘3408 Belva.’

This project clearly shows the vision that Belva Homes possesses, which is to deliver both interior and exterior design at a luxury and eco-friendly level. Belva Homes attends to the needs of its clients and ensures that they deliver world-class designs and innovative ideas in conjunction with its expert team. 

The biophilic design strategy is clear at 3408 Belva as the interior is encompassed by green walls and there are water features in public spaces. An accumulation of natural textures and tones, a soothing atmosphere is present which allows for the occupants to be connected to nature as well as creating a healthy environment psychologically. Plant life in and around the building allows for natural air filtration and excellent indoor air quality.

Residents can access all amenities within the building and straight through to the immediate neighborhood, which in turn reduces both the development and neighborhood’s need to travel and rely on fossil fuels. 

By working closely with its clients, Belva Homes can create not only unique and aesthetically pleasing projects, but they are aware of the need to preserve both the interior and exterior spaces for their occupants by keeping their projects as eco-friendly as possible. Clients will no longer have to dream about living in peace in the big city, Belva Homes has made it a reality.