Nairobi-Based Belva Apartments Offering Hotel-Like Amenities For Its Residents

Published by Capital Business 

The vision of living a hotel kind of lifestyle on an everyday basis led a developer,  Mohammed Dahir to come up with an apartment complex that will provide  Kenyan residents an opportunity to lead a luxurious life within their own homes.

Located at Parklands, 3408 Belva apartments sits on half an acre and has cumulative 69 units comprising three-bedroom units, five-bedroom, and a five-bedroom duplex.

Being named 3408 Belva is not by accident, each word/number has an interesting meaning. First of all, the name Belva is a Latin meaning for beautiful.

Figure three signifies the typologies of the house units, three-bedroom, five-bedroom, and five-bedroom duplex.

The 4 in 3408 signifies the four different views residents can be able to enjoy while living in the apartments; Karura forest, hanging garden, cascading waterfall, and the city skyline.

Zero, on the other end, signifies the elimination of energy wastages- a key aspect of the apartment that will adopt maximum natural light and solar energy at all shared spaces within the apartment.

Finally, the number 8 represents all the social amenities provided in 3408 apartments and they include; reception and concierge services, solar-powered swimming pool, spa, day care, espresso lounge, boardroom, courtyard garden and game room

In an interview with Capital FM Business, Dahir said the ongoing project is going to focus on the adoption of the green concept which will be represented by the use of solar PV panels and vertical gardens running across almost twenty floors.

“We wanted to do something unique in the market, as much as I want a good life, I want that for my buyers to feel. We had to design an apartment with a hotel concept, all facilities and amenities you will find in the apartment; The vision started with me doing a unit for myself and developed the concept of a nice home with good unique views which prompted me to opt for this idea,” he said.

Owing to its location, the project whose construction started in March 2021 targets family-oriented individuals who can opt for small, medium, and big houses in accordance with their needs.

Besides, he noted that its design ensures full maximizing of the natural light which will help residents minimize energy waste.

“Our project is unique, we are a green building, we maximize on natural lighting. Our facade design enables us to provide our clients with a  hotel lifestyle-, all the hotel amenities you find in hotels you will be able to get on everyday life,” he said.

Individuals willing to buy the apartments will pay from  24 million to 37 million with a three-bedroom smaller, medium and large size going for 24, 26, and 28 million respectively.

A five-bedroom unit will sell for 33 million and the five-bedroom duplex will be sold at 37 million.

As part of its payment plan, buyers can pay 50 percent and pay the remaining balance paid within two years.

He exuded confidence that upon completion in December 2023, it will set a good pace for the adoption of green projects in the country.

So far, the project has an occupation rate of 40 percent,Dahir said, noting that the buyers are split between young families of individuals above 35 years and senior citizens.

Despite the progress made in construction, Mohammed decried that the sector is struggling with higher prices of steel which has been further compounded by the Ukraine-Russia war which is the source of most of the products.

“Currently, we are struggling with steel,  prices have gone 115 percent higher, the ones we bought at 500 we are buying at 1100. It has become expensive due to Ukraine-Russia, many people cannot afford,” he said.

In addition, he decried inadequate cement in the country which affects construction works.

“The exchange rate is also another factor,  the dollar has gone up, we started at 109 and now we are almost at 114, the inflation has risen rapidly,” he added.

As part of the company’s future outlook, Belva apartments seeks to construct a similar project in Peponi and Spring Valley.