The Belva Forest Project: Nairobi Goes Green

Published by Eluxe Magazine

When you think of eco-friendly architecture, you probably think of the developing world. After all, the strictest rules for building exist mainly in Europe and North America. So it’s good to know that greener builds are now happening all over the world. Specifically, in Latin America and now, Africa.

That’s partly thanks to Belva Homes. This architecture firm based in Costa Rica is fully dedicated to creating eco-friendly buildings around the world.

They’ve won several awards for their work, and last year, they were presented with the Luxury Lifestyle Awards for Best Luxury High Rise Living in Kenya. This project, called ‘3408 Belva,’ features several green features.

Green Features Of Nairobi’s 3408 Belva Forest Project

This green development began in December 2020, with the mission to amalgamate luxury urban living with an eco-friendly philosophy. The aesthetic influence from the adjacent urban upland forest on the outskirts of Nairobi served as a great source of inspiration for the team of sustainable architects. The 3408 Belva Homes Forest project features:

  • Zero Energy Waste, thanks to the use of solar panels used to power the building. 
  • An indoor solar heated swimming pool
  • The main spaces of the building face north and east with minimised openings to reduce solar gain whilst allowing natural light through to the suites, thanks to large windows on each balcony.
  • There are green walls that allow natural air filtration and excellent indoor air quality and water features in public spaces, that blend the natural environment with the human living space.

Biophilic Design

Every unit saves on energy whilst running at an optimal level, which is the heart of Belva’s biophilic strategy.

Their biophilic design strategy is clear at the 3408 Belva Forest Project. The interior is encompassed by green walls and there are water features in public spaces. An accumulation of natural textures and tones, a soothing atmosphere that allows the occupants to be connected to nature, and plenty of green walls all reflect Belva’s biophilic strategy. Abundant plant life in and around the building also allows for natural air filtration and excellent indoor air quality.

Local Community

Another feature we love about the Belva Homes Forest project is the fact that residents will never need to go far to fulfill their daily needs. That’s because the building provides an espresso bar, lounge area, boardroom, spa and wellness centre, a salon centre, a grand public reception area, a games room and a day-care centre.

Residents can access all amenities within the building and straight through to the immediate neighbourhood, which in turn reduces both the development and neighbourhood’s need to travel and rely on fossil fuels.

By working closely with its clients, Belva Homes can create not only unique and aesthetically pleasing projects, but they are aware of the need to preserve both the interior and exterior spaces for their occupants by keeping their projects as eco-friendly as possible. Clients will no longer have to dream about living in peace in the big city – Belva Homes has made it a reality.